Fire is the first element of the Rainbow and is represented by the color red.

Those born with this element are called Firebrands. People who train to manipulate Fire may also simply be called 'Fire users'.

It is seen as the element of life, of summer, energy, and potential.

Firebrands are known for their strength and being handy with all manner of tools, but tend to have poor luck.

Firebrands are energetic and passionate, with a talent for creativity and thinking outside the box. They are often artists, writers, chefs, architects and other such pursuits that they can dedicate their boundless ingenuity towards. They also have a high propensity towards physical professions, such as sports or combat-oriented jobs. Whether it's their mind or their body, the Firebrand is always on the move to achieving great things.

Firebrands love a challenge - the more difficult the end goal, the more it makes them want to pour their energy into a project just to say they've succeeded with flying colors. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that they also thrive on competition, and love to win. Though they won't accept anything less than the best of themselves, Firebrands are as likely to congratulate and respect opponents who can surpass them as they are to become sore losers. Whatever the result, though, they will not become complacent with victory, and are always striving to continue pushing their limits and being the best they can be.

Always craving excitement and adventure, Firebrands get bored easily of sitting idly and waiting for things to happen. They are risk-takers who follow their hearts, trusting instinct over logic and planning. Variety is the spice of a Firebrand's life and they are very likely to have several 'irons in the fire' at a given time. To an outside observer, the life of a Firebrand may seem chaotic and hectic, but they tend to be quite good at multitasking and handling a lot of projects at once. On the contrary, when they don't have anything to occupy their time, they'll become listless and bored.

Firebrands are notorious for being 'hot-blooded'. In fact, many such phrases as 'fired up', 'fiery passion', 'burning intensity' and other similar sayings are a result of these tendencies towards strong emotion and outbursts of energy. They are often extroverted people who are not only fueled by the energy of those around them, but tend to 'spread' their fire to others as well, making them great motivators.

In the game of life, Firebrands are the leaders of the pack, using their energetic spark to get things heated up and then guiding their teammates towards victory. Once they get going, it takes a lot to put out their flame - however, if it can be done, the rest of the group is sure to crumble at the loss of such an inspirational leader.

Perhaps the most well-known negative aspect of Firebrands is their tendency to be 'hot-headed'. They have very quick tempers and even the slightest spark can ignite the roaring flames of their anger. Firebrands often believe that the best way to solve their problems is with force, be it physical or emotional, and they may not be willing to back down unless they get their way. Firebrands who abuse their power and influence over others may become bullies simply because they know they'll be successful.

While Firebrands are known for excelling in a wide variety of fields, the path to greatness is rarely smooth sailing. Their tendency to come out on top and be 'number one' makes many a Firebrand confident to the point of cockiness, which can become their downfall if not kept in check. They may be sore losers if someone comes along to get the better of them, and repeated losses may shake their confidence so much that they lose their edge and don't know how to get it back. Though their fire may be difficult to snuff out, once it has been, it can be very difficult to get burning again.

Firebrands have an overwhelming tendency towards recklessness. Since they favor action to planning, they typically dive head-first into most situations without thinking through the potential consequences. Naturally, this bad habit can vary from dangerous to downright suicidal in both combat and social situations. An example of social recklessness common to Firebrands is their tendency to blurt out whatever is on their mind honestly, which can be hurtful to others or jeopardizing in situations requiring tact. It is very easy for the careless Firebrand to get in over their head and find themselves quickly overwhelmed because they didn't bother to think of a contingency plan for a delicate situation.

Firebrands are notorious for holding grudges. Even if much time has passed, or others are willing to forgive and forget, the Firebrand will always remember those who have wronged them (even if they don't remember how or why). While it can sometimes be a positive thing to not be so quick to put one's trust in someone who has hurt them before, this can often lead to pettiness over ridiculous or minor things. This can even lead to strained relationships with friends-of-friends who are still close to the person the Firebrand refuses to forgive. This tendency can vary from person to person - some may simply let their grudge smoulder quietly, while others may even become aggressive or vengeful in response. If a Firebrand has their heart set on 'getting back' at someone who has wronged them, it is very difficult to talk them out of it without becoming labeled as 'taking their side'. Thus revenge-minded Firebrands can be as dangerous as a wildfire, with the flames of their animosity spreading out and consuming those who stand in their way.

Fire is known as one of the strongest elements in terms of raw power. Due to their boundless energy and potential, Firebrands tend to excel in both Arcane and Mundane disciplines.

All Firebrands possess the passive ability of Bodyheat, giving them extreme resistance to scorching temperatures that would be harmful, if not deadly, to others. While this does not mean you're likely to find the average Firebrand swimming in lava, they are generally at their most comfortable during the warmer seasons and can indeed live very near to volcanoes without ill effects. Naturally this also gives them a bit of built-in resistance against other Firebrands.

Firebrands often use their element in an extravagant, flashy way that leaves a strong visual impression. In addition to combat usage such displays can be put on for entertainment value as well, as just another type of art form that Firebrands may use to showcase their creativity.

Common ranged Fire techniques include shooting fireballs from the hands, creating explosions, breathing plumes of flame, and remotely igniting flammable objects with a snap of the fingers.

Fire is also popular for its application as an augment for close-ranged combat. Igniting parts (such as fists) of one's body, or imbuing weapons with Fire energy, allow a physical fighter to pack an elemental punch into their attacks. Using their natural immunity to the heat, Firebrands may even elevate the temperature of their own bodies and become hot to the touch, making it difficult for opponents to close in and attack them directly. This can even be used to incinerate incoming projectiles or melt metal blades before they can make contact. Be aware, however, that while the Firebrand may be immune to their own flames, the surrounding environment is not - a side-effect many reckless Firebrands may unsurprisingly fail to consider.

While their light doesn't shine as brightly as that of Dawnseekers, Firebrands also make good companions when venturing into dark areas for the light given off by their flames. Similarly, their Bodyheat ability may be a useful means of keeping the party warm in cold regions, like huddling close (but not too close) to a bonfire. However, take heed - despite their advantage over ice and snow, Firebrands may still face a challenge in extremely cold regions as they lack sufficient heat to ignite, or sustain, their flames.

Combat Breakdown

Fire is strong against Ice, and weak against Water. While it may have a leg up dealing with plant-based powers used by Earthshapers, be warned that they may just as often prove a difficult opponent for Fire users as rocks are not combustible and may be used to snuff out its flames.

Fire also has a natural advantage against the flora and undead race types, though stronger undead (such as vampires) are likely to prepare countermeasures against this weakness.

Social Compatibility

The Ragged Wastes region of IGNOLand is the most ideal location for Firebrands. The climate is hot and arid throughout most of the region, though those longing for a bit more moisture may find it in the coastal regions bordering the sea. This region also hosts many volcanoes and is home to the largest desert in IGNOLand, making it a suitable climate for the Fire element to thrive.

Some races commonly associated with Fire include kitsune, fire elementals, hellhounds, red oni, and dvergar.

Notable IGNOites with the Fire element include SG2, Konungur Bones, Reese and Hamel.

Legend has it that there was once a temple built to honor flame. It is believed to have operated as a training facility to instruct Fire users in honing their skills with the element. The most likely location for this temple to have stood is the Ragged Wastes, but no evidence supporting its existence has ever been found.