Wind is the fourth element of the Rainbow and is represented by the color green.

Those born with this element are called Galeriders. People who train to manipulate Wind may also simply be called 'Wind users'.

It is seen as the element of freedom, of spring, change, and pleasure.

Galeriders are infamous for being lucky in all facets of life, but tend to be lacking in foresight.

Combat Breakdown

Wind is strong against Earth, and weak against Metal. Strong winds may also be able to snuff out Fire, but be wary as they can just as well make the flames grow more intense.

Wind also has a natural advantage against chthonic races and may be able to fend off lesser ethereals (as their forms are faint and easily blown aside).

At this time I can't think of any races that'd be inherently weak or resistant to Wind.
Social Compatibility

The active and fun-loving Firebrand can find enough excitement in life with a Galerider to never be bored again. With Fire's passion and Wind's tendency to live in the here and now, a duo of these elements may find a life full of travel and adventure around every corner. Fights between these two are also short-lived - while a Firebrand may blow up and lose their cool in the heat of the moment, they often get so carried away with their anger that they no longer remember what set them off in the first place. Galeriders however prefer to forgive and forget, leaving the past behind them and moving on. This seeming immunity to grudges and tendency to wake up to a brand new day full of optimism can gradually make a Firebrand realize just how pointless it is to argue with them, and their own temperaments may improve as a result.

While Fire and Wind may sound like the perfect match, there can always be trouble in paradise. A Galerider's lack of focus and difficulty sticking with interests for very long may make a Firebrand feel unable to connect with their partner over mutual passions (hobbies, TV shows, etc). Firebrands with long-term commitments to creative projects or team-based activities in particular may feel a sense of abandonment from a Galerider who doesn't seem to particularly care about or support them. The Galerider on the other hand may feel that the Firebrand is spending too much of their time on this one thing when they should be out enjoying new experiences, creating an emotional disconnect with both sides unable to understand each other.

Fire and Wind make a competent pair in combat, as Galeriders can use their wind to fan the flames of a Firebrand to make them larger and stronger. There's also the potential for devastating aerial maneuvers, such asĀ  raining fireballs down from the sky.


Winterborn are antisocial homebodies who stay out of the spotlight. Galeriders are incredibly active free spirits who thrive on new experiences. At a glance, the two couldn't be more incompatible. However, the carefree tendency of Galeriders who manage to glide through life on instinct and luck alone is intriguing to many Winterborn, who rarely act without meticulous planning. Since many Winterborn do secretly crave interaction, but simply find it difficult, the life of a Galerider may seem enviable to them. At first, the Winterborn may convince themselves that they only wish to study the Galerider's behavior for purely educational reasons, but this often blossoms into a genuine interest that drives even the most antisocial Winterborn to get close and form an actual connection with their 'subject'. Though the resulting pair may be a bit of an odd couple, the two compliment each other well - the Winterborn may introduce the concept of scheduling and routine to the flighty Galerider's disorganized life, while the Galerider can help the Winterborn break out of their shell by teaching them to experience life, rather than simply reading about it in books.

Naturally a prolonged relationship between this pair requires a lot of work and perseverance - fortunately many Winterborn see this as a challenge to put their skills to the test. UNfortunately, being controlled and treated like an experiment is unlikely to sit well with the Galerider, and may give rise to conflict. Galeriders prefer to avoid confrontation rather than engage it and may start spending more time away to clear their heads, which can spark jealousy or emotional insecurity in the Winterborn. Galeriders also prefer to leave the past behind them and wake up to a fresh start - if the Winterborn was hurt or upset by an argument the Galerider has decided to blow off, they may feel that they're not being taken seriously. Ultimately this pattern will continue until both sides are able to reach an agreement and work through their issues together, which can be difficult when the pair refuses to see eye to eye.

In combat, Ice and Wind are much more complementary elements. The combination can whip up devastating hurricanes and blizzards of ice and snow. It also has useful defensive applications, such as transmitting intensely cold air on the wind to make foes sluggish and more easily exhausted. Together, Ice and Wind are particularly effective when dealing with large groups.





While Galeriders are rarely content to settle down in any one place, the Overgrown Coastline seems to be the most heavily Wind-oriented location in IGNOLand. The warm tropical jungles and cool sea breeze make it an excellent location for the Wind element to thrive.

Some races commonly associated with Wind include bird-type beast races, southern zedkiel, air elementals, pixies, piskis, and flying goats.

Notable IGNOites with the Wind element include Bracken, XEN and xL.

Legend has it that there was once a temple built to honor the wind. Some believe that it likely stood near the Overgrown Coastline, while others tell tales of a lost floating continent with an especially strong connection to the Wind...