Fiery Shadow Demon of Shadowy Fieryness
Played By: HamelMoric

Race: Fire Elemental; believes himself a Demon

Age: Unknown

Gender: Fluid

Element: ShadowFire

Residence: The Underground

Alignment: Neutral Chaos

Occupation: Unknown

Height: Short; only a little taller than SG2 when standing in her true height, though he can change to a larger body at will

Weight: If shadows could be weighed, probably about 108?

Figure/Build: Slender and short, but this can be changed at will

"Hair": Dark purple, almost black, shadows extending outward

Eyes: Yellowish non-human eyes that turn slightly orange depending on what mood he's in

"Skin": Hamel's body is composed of Shadowy Fire of a purpley-black color, usually hot to the touch

His age is unknown and her appearance can change to reflect that. Since Hamel is made of fire and shadows he can manipulate what he looks like, however they appear as a child most of the time, of no real identifiable gender

When she gets particularly angry he may choose to transform into a shape closer to his 'true form', which is bright flaming red in color and taller than their usual preferred form.

Favorite Color: Black, purple, red.

Personality: Hamel is usually very calm and seemingly docile, sarcastic and can be very snarky, however, if provoked can be aggressive. While it might seem as though he's not paying attention (which most of the time she's not) he's really plotting and planning everything out in full detail. Hamel is highly intelligent, which comes from long periods of time in solitude studying various things (such as magic, necromancy, alchemy, war tactics, diversion tactics, stealth) and while in solitude she decided it was best to become Neutral, though that position might be subjective to change on a whim if a beneficial situation were to present itself - like being able to eat Dolphin Eggs.

As you may have noticed reading this far Hamel has no particularly preferred pronoun, switching between he and she and they at will, just like the unpredictable nature of her ever-shifting shadowy body. Call her by whatever you wish, he won't mind.

Hamel doesn't remember arriving in IGNOLand or even what transpired during that arrival. It is believed by him that his original memories left once he became of Shadow element. The only thing that she remember is waking up in a cave-like tunnel occupied by Gnomes or Dwarves or something... they all look alike, though these ones spoke in an ancient language that Hamel can only translate in her head and only speak a select few words. For a few months he stayed hidden away in the depths of the caves, proclaiming an entire area as his own domain until the Gnomes/Dwarves found out about it. Hamel decided to compromise with them and a pact was formed, they all agreed that Hamel could keep the area already occupied as long as he did not venture out into the other areas already occupied and vice versa. Thus Hamel named this domain of hers The Magical Tunnels and began a cooperative relationship with these creatures who he then discovered called themselves the Dvergar.

Through the time that Hamel spent in the caves, she found several passages that led to exits of various areas of IGNOLand's surface. While the Magical Tunnels are her domain, it is not a concrete home. Venturing outside of the caves, Hamel came across inhabitants of the upper levels of IGNOLand and began interacting with them. At first, he was loyal to Konungur Bones and made several friends on the upper levels, however, due to complicated reasons, he had since abandoned his loyalties and now only strives to do things for herself. Though they still venture above on occasions to hang out with her friends, there are many times where he'll abandon everything and vanish back to the caves for long periods of time doing...stuff and things.

Upon his arrival to the upper levels of IGNOLand and meeting the people that live on the land, he was asked who she was and what she was doing there/how he came to be there. Not entirely sure herself, he told the people of the upper world that he is a demon from the Underworld and is the ruler of the Magical Tunnels, a place ruled by fear and fire! He told tall tales of his exploits running the cowardly Dvergar from the area of the caves she lives in. When asked about how she came to the caves in the first place she told them that she used to be great friends with the king of the Underworld until one day he was an asshole and wouldn't share his cupcaek recipe with her. So she beat the crap out of him, stole the cupcaek recipe as well as his legendary magic violin. When he left the Underworld she froze it over and fled to the mortal realm.

The surface-dwellers easily swallowed this story for some reason and it became the accepted explanation for Hamel's past. However the truth is a lot more vague since Hamel herself does not remember their origins, or even how he came to be the Shadow element in the first place (not to mention the Underworld does not have a king). After coming upon the mysterious secret Library in the underground below IGNO City, and studying the ancient texts, Hamel began to wonder if she may have originally been part of the Fire Elemental race and not a true demon at all. The decision to become Shadow could simply have tainted his fiery body to its current dark and shifting color and left him with very confused and clouded memories. Whatever her true origins, Hamel is sure that he will discover them one day, but until then they would rather continue to live their carefree life doing stuff and things in the Magical Tunnels, and popping up now and then to visit the surface-dwellers as she sees fit.

Recent Events:

Skills: A very skilled violinist, Hamel has the ability to play magical music which allows him to do various things, such as summon beasts from (supposedly) the Underworld. Depending on the song that is played, she has incredible power. He is an excellent baker of cupcaeks and has a habit of hiding her cupcaeks anywhere and everywhere for people to find and enjoy. She is also an adept user of Fire and Shadow elements as well as a necromancer and a practicing alchemist. He has the ability to fade into nothing and appear through the shadows of people and things as well as travel through them. Hamel's body can set things ablaze with just a small touch, so she has to be super careful and concentrate not to burn others or objects that he touches. Even though she's a Shadow element, he still retains her original fire elemental powers. Considering how speedy they are she's better equipped for quick melee type of attacks and long-range spells. Her intelligence is very high so she's able to predict her enemies moves before they attack, however, that sometimes isn't the case and if he gets surrounded by bulkier fighters he is definitely at a disadvantage.

Weaknesses: Light is Hamel's main weakness and he has to avoid Light magic as well as strong sunlight, which is another reason she prefers to stay underground most often. Hamel also retains their original weakness to her Fire element and has to be careful around water which can temporarily dissolve/evaporate her form and drain their strength considerably.

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: Magical music from his violin, or sometimes even using it to bash people on the head...Fire magic, necromancy, alchemy, shadow sneak skillz. Melee weapons are the preference, and stealth and foul play fighting are used the most.

Hamel sees Tim as a kindred spirit as fellow Neutrals who have been ostracized from the Empire for their beliefs. It is rumored that Tim even gave her basic lessons on cloning...