Water is the fifth element of the Rainbow and is represented by the color blue.

Those born with this element are called Tidecallers. People who train to manipulate Water may also simply be called 'Water users'.

It is seen as the element of faith, tranquility, patience and emotion.

Tidecallers have a great deal of foresight and adaptability, but are often poor in raw strength.




Combat Breakdown

Water is strong againstĀ Fire, andĀ weak against Lightning. It can also be useful when dealing with Ice as, frozen or not, water can still be manipulated. Be aware however that it takes a particularly calm mind to be capable of this feat, and Ice users may otherwise make tricky opponents for their ability to freeze incoming Water attacks.

Water also has a natural advantage against most chthonic races as well as mechanical automata, which may rust or short-circuit from their powers. However, naturally aquatic races like mermaids, as well as the undead, are virtually immune to Water.

Social Compatibility

The cold and stubborn nature of Winterborn pairs well with the patient and gentle Tidecaller. Their easygoing nature allows them to take the proper amount of time necessary to coax a Winterborn from their shell a little at a time, accepting of their need to be alone and never trying to pull them into situations that make them uncomfortable by force. As Tidecallers tend to come across as genuinely caring, Winterborn will find it difficult to see ulterior motives behind their actions and may be more likely to open up to them than others. Tidecallers are also extremely adaptable in general, making it easy for them to deal with the various coping behaviors of Winterborn - from the shy types to the aggressive ones. When these behaviors designed to drive people away don't work, the Winterborn will naturally start to fall back on acting as their true selves in time.

Though rare, arguments between these two can become nasty. Winterborn tend to be stubborn with a bit of a superior streak, leading them to feel that they are always in the right 100% of the time and it's the other person who just can't see it. Tidecallers on the other hand can be emotionally unstable and may alternate between being the aggressor in an argument to the self-blaming victim at the drop of a hat. If neither approach should sway the Winterborn to meet them halfway, Tidecallers are likely to give in and apologize (even if they've done nothing wrong) just for the sake of ending the conflict. This further swells the Winterborn's belief that they were right all along, and future arguments are only doomed to repeat this pattern without true resolution.

As their elements are similar, Ice and Water make an excellent team together on the battlefield. Not only are Winterborn able to freeze the Tidecaller's water attacks, Tidecallers can manipulate the subtle water particles within the ice to shatter it on demand, allowing for various interesting combos. Tidecallers may also soak their opponents in water, making them doubly susceptible to the Winterborn's ability to manipulate the cold - often with deadly results.


Fire and Water are naturally incompatible. Firebrands tend to feel that their passion for life is stifled by the indecision and timidity common to Tidecallers. Preferring action to inaction, Firebrands are likely to get frustrated with the Tidecaller's 'wait and see what happens' approach to life. Most Firebrands dislike the concepts of fate and destiny as a rule, believing that the only one who can define the course of their life is the person themselves. Tidecallers may conversely wonder why Firebrands try so hard and always give it their all in situations where effort seems pointless, as though the result has already been decided. Tidecallers may even feel the need to lecture the oft-reckless Firebrand for their hasty actions and inevitable negative consequences as though it all could have been avoided if they just followed the Tidecaller's example. With Firebrands living life at a blazing speed and Tidecallers drifting along at a gentle pace, both sides are likely to feel that their partner isn't staying on the same page as them - not keeping up, or leaving them behind.

Naturally, these rules are not universal, and it is possible for Fire and Water to get along. It may do Firebrands some good to take it steady once in a while, or for Tidecallers to learn that a life of inaction isn't much of a life worth living. However, as these two elements have historically had poor compatibility, it is not recommended for those unwilling to work toward achieving harmony.



Naturally, the best place for Tidecallers in IGNOLand is any location that borders the sea. The Overgrown Coastline, and particularly The Peeninsula, seem to be popular locations. There is also the aquatic nation of Mertopia beneath the sea, but naturally this is much less accommodating to those without gills.

Some races commonly associated with Water include mermaids, sea naga, water elementals, blue oni, and sirens.

Notable IGNOites with the Water element include Ten and Lemmy.

Legend has it that there was once a temple built to honor the sea. As Mertopia has similar legends concerning a temple of sorts within the deepest fathoms that even they rarely venture, it's highly probable the two are one in the same. However, no evidence supporting the existence of such a temple has ever been found.