Earth is the second element of the Rainbow and is represented by the color orange.

Those born with this element are called Earthshapers. People who train to manipulate Earth may also simply be called 'Earth users'.

It is seen as the element of nature, of autumn, nurturing and protection.

Earthshapers are known for their vitality and protectiveness, but suffer from poor agility.

Combat Breakdown

Earth is strong against Lightning, and weak against Wind. Earth can also be effective against Metal, as metallic weapons can't easily cut or pierce solid stone, and may be broken upon it. However, any plant-based powers are rather easily cut down before a sharp blade, leaving Metal a somewhat tricky opponent.

Earth also has a natural advantage against......

At this time I can't think of any races that'd be inherently weak to Earth.
Social Compatibility

The tendency for Firebrands to wear their emotions on their sleeves and honestly speak their minds (for better or worse) may earn them the trust and respect of Earthshapers. The slow and steady pace of an Earthshaper may help to offset the hasty and active lifestyle of a Firebrand. Conversely, Firebrands can help to inject some more intensity and zest for life into an Earthshaper's otherwise simple and dull routine. Earthshapers are also difficult to offend and tend to be very forgiving, making them suitable partners for the oft-argumentative Firebrand who may drive others away.

Be warned, however, that when an Earthshaper is pushed over the emotional edge, they can be very stubborn and difficult to calm back down. A Firebrand who lacks sensitivity to their emotional cues and continues to act antagonistically can very easily create friction in the relationship that's hard to mend. Earthshapers may also be too trusting for their own good and provide many second chances to those who have wronged them, which unfortunately makes them prime targets to be taken advantage of by more unsavory Firebrands.

Fire and Earth pair nicely on the battlefield, able to combine their abilities to create and manipulate molten rock. They're also adept at covering for one another's respective weaknesses - while Firebrands are offensive and quick but less defensively capable, Earthshapers are sturdy and durable, if a little slow. With proper teamwork, a Fire and Earth duo can work in tandem to fill in for each other's weak points and prove an almost unstoppable combination.




The Wayward Woods is the most ideal location for Earthshapers in IGNOLand. Being more in tune with nature than more urban locales, the Earth element can truly thrive here, and many of its native races have a strong tendency toward the element as a result.

Some races commonly associated with Earth include centaurs, satyrs, fauns, earth elementals, wild elves, and most chthonic and flora races.

Notable IGNOites with the Wind element include SG2, Kaylin, and the Zetabug.

Legend has it that there was once a temple built to honor the earth. It's almost unanimously agreed by those who believe in its existence that it once stood somewhere in the Wayward Woods. The centaurs claim to have discovered a large underground ruin they believe may have once been this temple, but the centaurs also claim that the trees are evil and eat people who get lost in the woods, so little stock has been put into these ramblings.