Light is the third element of the Rainbow and is represented by the color yellow.

Those of the Light element are called Dawnseekers. People who train to manipulate Light may also simply be called 'Light users'.

It is seen as the element of dawn, of illumination, order, and judgment.

Dawnseekers have no particularly strong or weak attributes, and are instead generally balanced across the board.

Combat Breakdown

Light is both strong and weak against Shadow, with the two sharing a unique duality among the elements. While relatively balanced against the other elements, Light is a powerful and versatile element that can overcome most foes with the right techniques.

Light also has a natural advantage against most undead races, ethereals aligned with Shadow such as poltergeists and banshees, and demons. However, as most of these are Shadow beings, this is a double-edged sword.

Social Compatibility

Dawnseekers can find comfort living most anywhere in IGNOLand, though places with great proximity to the sun - such as the Ragged Wastes - are the most ideal. In particular, the Desert of Dongs and Peeninsula have a strong connection to the Light element, with the former even having a lighthouse dojo that trains other Light users in strengthening their element.

The only races inherently associated with Light are aethrals, beings who prioritize justice and order above all else. This is thought to be a result of Light, the rarest element, bestowing its power onto only the 'chosen' worthy of wielding it - something no one race can typically claim to be.

Notable IGNOites with the Light element include LG and MTS.

Legend has it that there was once a temple built to honor the sun. Various people have come forward with similar descriptions of such a structure located in the Desert of Dongs - however, numerous expeditions made throughout the desert have not turned up any evidence of such a temple. Further complicating matters is that the reports, while the descriptions often match closely, claim the temple was seen in vastly different areas of the desert...none of which have held any trace of this so-called temple upon investigation. Thus it is believed these reports are nothing but a hoax that attention-seekers are piggybacking on, hoping for their 15 minutes of fame.