Earth is the sixth element of the Rainbow and is represented by the color indigo.

Those born with this element are called Stormbringers. People who train to manipulate Lightning may also simply be called 'Lightning users'.

It is seen as the element of storms, precision, clarity and confidence.

Stormbringers have very sharp agility and focus, but are somewhat lacking in vitality.

Combat Breakdown

Lightning is strong against Water, and weak against Earth. Lightning can also be effective against Wind, as flying in the sky leads to a much higher chance of being struck. However, a savvy Wind user will know well enough to stay grounded when fighting against Lightning, and their uncanny luck often makes it difficult for Lightning to strike.

Lightning also has a natural advantage against bird-type beast races, aquatic races like mermaids, are able to short-circuit electronic automata and are one of the few elements capable of striking ethereals. Conversely, most chthonic and flora races are highly resistant to Lightning.

Social Compatibility

The most ideal location in IGNOLand for Stormbringers is The Outback, particularly during the rainy season. The Sheep Country region in particular seems to have a high level of static in the air, likely due to the large quantity of sheep and their static-generating wool.

Some races commonly associated with Lightning include sheep shifters, lightning elementals, and various automata such as androids and cyborgs.

Notable IGNOites with the Lightning element include Tim, Iris, and Julian.

Legend has it that there was once a temple built to honor the storm. It's believed that it likely existed somewhere in The Outback, though no evidence supporting its existence has ever been found.