Iris Gingersnap

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Element: Fire Ice Metal Wind Earth Lightning Water Shadow Light




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Event 3
What is your character good at? Do they have any particular vocational skillsets? How do they employ their element, do they favor the Arcane or Mundane? Do they use it for combat purposes, or prefer to find uses for it in everyday life? Maybe they ignore their element altogether, aside from reading the occasional horoscope. Do they have non-elemental techniques in their repertoire? Do they prefer to use weapons in combat instead of elemental ability? Melee, or firearms? Maybe they prefer to stay out of trouble - what do they do if trouble finds them? How do they defend themselves? Nobody's perfect - what are their WEAKNESSES? Any particular Achilles Heel aside from the usual elemental weakness? Maybe they have additional strengths and weaknesses due to their race - ex. an undead character of any element is still weak to fire, but since they can't drown, they have a bit of a water immunity. Anything relating to what your character is capable of, in and out of combat, belongs in here.
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Example Character
Example Character
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