His Majesty the Beautiful Mermaid.
Played By: Son Goten

Race: Mermaid

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Element: Shadow Water

Residence: Mertopia

Alignment: Low Neutral

Occupation: Formerly prince and de-facto ruler of Mertopia; presently prince and de-facto ruler of Mertopia, now with 400% more shadowgotens

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Figure/Build: Strong upper body strength that pales in comparison to the fact that he's riding a giant fin. Kind of a thing that stands out, that.

Hair: Greenish blue. In human form it's brown.

Eyes: Red. Brown in human form.

Skin: Scaly. Varying shades of blue, from head to fin. In human form it's lightly tanned.

In the past Lemmy would take on a more humanlike form to mingle with the two-leggers of the surface world, but after being pushed around, conspired against, stabbed and had his blood drained by a certain vampire more times than he could count, Lemmy said 'screw this, I'm outta here' and returned to his natural state as a creature of the sea.

Favorite Color: The deep shadowed purple of a shadowgoten

Snarky with a dry wit, Lemmy has a history of being taken advantage of by his peers and made a slave to their whims and various blood-letting practices. Now that he has embraced the Shadow element he has become more no-nonsense and any who try to walk all over him will find themselves a chew toy for his shadowgotens in no time flat.

In one alternate future, the shadow element has overwhelmed him to an extent that he becomes Lord of All Lands to defend Mertopia from two-leggers by means of conquest. In this dystopian future his alignment is High Law.

Our story begins in the nation of Mertopia, an underwater society where the mermaid ways are mysterious and paramount.

For more information on Mertopia and the mermaid ways, please consult "Mertopia: A Collective History as Written from the Perspective of a True Fin".

~~~ Prologue ~~~

Long ago, the undersea country of Mertopia became united under a prince of considerable lore who became known to the histories as the Beautiful Mermaid. A skilled water master, the prince used his powers fairly but forcefully in defending his borders from the many aggressors who sought to mine Mertopia for resources as well as loot the vast sunken fortunes of gold and other precious metals that had accumulated on the sea bottom over eons.

Though he was a popular figure among his own kind, the prince's stubbornness created enemies for him on the two-legged surface world. Most notably the territories that would ultimately band together to become the Empire (and especially Blood Country), who would routinely plunder Mertopia's lost treasures to fund their expansions into other territories and occasional infighting, become an oppressive regime of powers versus the isolationist Mertopia, claiming rights of "eminent domain" to anything directly below their land masses. Conversely, the prince was not keen on sharing with the demanding "landlubbers" and denied them at every opportunity for even insignificant requests, already disquieted by their naked grabs for minerals, foregoing diplomacy in defense of the mermaid ways and their ancient claims to all things underwater.

Still, the prince wished for peaceful resolution if at all possible. Thus he used his vast beauty and princely magic to shift himself into the form of a two-legger and rose to the surface world, where he would stay and live among them for a time to study their ways and learn of their culture. With this knowledge, the prince hoped, their two societies could better coexist and Mertopia's right to its undersea territory and resources could earn respect from the surface-dwelling societies.

Oh how wrong he was.

During his stay on the surface, the prince discovered the landlubbers to be more violent and greedy than he could have imagined. He was immediately thrown in the middle of their squabbles and forced to choose sides, with the side he did not choose always more than eager to dish out an unreasonable "punishment" in exchange. More often than not, this punishment resulted in much bloodshed. Specifically, his. His princely blood, honored for its noble purity by his own kind, spraying left and right across the surface lands! And for what purpose? Courtroom arguments? Sudden wars? A desire to conspire against the prince for no particular reason at all?! The prince was baffled...clearly the people of the surface could not be reasoned with. If these experiences taught him anything it was that they would take what they wanted, when they wanted it, without care for who they may inconvenience, or even kill, in the process. Thus it was with a heavy sigh that the prince reversed his magic transformation and returned to his kingdom in the depths below.

Time passed. The demands for more and more resources became a point of contention for the merpeople as a whole, who clamored to their prince for greater action. The Beautiful Mermaid weighed their concerns heavily, not eager for war but nor content to sit by for the sake of peace. The training of elites and manufacture of merweapons was accelerated in preparation for the possibility of open conflict. However, knowing that his enemies were of strange ability, the Beautiful Mermaid realized that he would need to expand his knowledge of the various arts to combat them effectively. He isolated himself in the study of texts and scrolls that showed him the path to greater power...

~~~ Rise of the shadowgotens ~~~

During his studies of the arcane arts, the Beautiful Mermaid became inexplicably drawn to the Shadow element. Why this is so has been a subject of debate among merhistorians. Some accounts say that the Beautiful Mermaid found a certain fascination with the unknown mysteries of what was perceived a rogue element. Others note that that Shadow, which in and of itself is not inherently evil, is nonetheless a force that consumes, and sought out a strong body with which to align and somehow "called" to him. Still another account makes reference to the prince's affinity for shadowpuppetry. But no matter the true impetus, the Beautiful Mermaid worked feverishly to learn this new discipline and gradually fashioned it into an effective tool... not knowing that it would do the same to him.

The First shadowgoten

As the desperate studies continued, a darkness began to enshrouded the prince that became increasingly apparent to his closest aides. However, knowing that their enemies were of strange ability, their trust in the prince's ability to control this aura, and to fall out of it once the danger had passed, were absolute.

They were wrong.

The transformation from sovereign to servant is a subtle one. Though his aides said nothing, even the Beautiful Mermaid noticed the slow onset of change... to his behavior, to his speech, to his manner of rule. But couldn't this have just as easily been a side effect of gearing up for war? Conflict was on the horizon, after all. Fighting with the surface world could break out any day if they chose to press their plundering further. Everyone in the mermaid court knew that the prince was different... off. But the conviction and confidence needed to study the problems of war made it easy to write off his behavior as just that- caused by the situation at hand, and not a new one growing in its place...

To Be Continued...

Additional Notes: Being one of the original, "long lost" members of IGNO means that I have an expansive history that predates a lot of what IGNO has become (much of which I am, as a result, unfamiliar). When I decided to make a reappearance, which in real time is actually after several years' absence, I also decided that there had to be "reasons" for why Lemmy left and that changes would have occurred in that time. A lot of that is still in development, but the general idea behind what I'm doing is that I sort of update my persona to account for the passage of time while treading carefully on the beloved IGNO "canon", which pretty much demands I be a mermaid and uphold the... uh, mermaid traditions, which may or may not involve muffins and a ladybug.

Bear with us. We're renovating! --Lemmy

Recent Events: Mermaid Future

The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legends fade to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

An idea for an RP has been alluded to but not yet transpired. The premise is as follows (written by Lemmy himself):

In the dystopian mermaid future of an alternate timeline, Lemmy has become overwhelmed by the consuming nature of the Shadow arts. Given that the Shadow element is not evil in and of itself, my guess is that the rush to prepare for a possible invasion caused him to try to learn too much too fast and sent him down a dark path. The transition would have been gradual and ongoing over many years, largely without his knowledge even while obvious to others, until one day he finally realizes what he has become and decides that it's too late to go back. While he isn't full-blown evil in the future endgame, he is certainly quite dark.

At some point before the dystopian mermaid future, Lemmy leaves or otherwise secedes from IGNO, either to protect Mertopia or himself (probably both) from perceived injustices of some kind. Through some means, SG2 and the others are pulled through a portal from the past into this shadowy future where the only escape is to find Lemmy and bring him back to his senses, rewriting the past and setting right what once went wrong.


shadowgotens were created as the result of some unspecified accident that combined Lemmy's childlike hopes with pure Shadows; they are, as a result, very enthusiastic creatures with a boundless energy that (unfortunately) tends to translate into chewing things to death. shadowgotens do exist here and now, but exactly how many isn't clear. In the future, there are at least four, and they have become infamous in their role of being given traitors or other unfortunates to chew on. In the present, they're being housebroken to not chew on board members, so please bear with us. ^___^

The dystopian mermaid future has "combined shadowgotens with technology", though specifically how is unknown. Robotens, the enforcer bots of future Mertopia, are not shadowgotens, but were clearly inspired by them, and have been mass produced as weapons droids to supplement the merarmy and enforce the rule of law.

Part of Lemmy's motivation for having conquered the future is to protect these clueless chewing children, as well as the mermaid ways, from the "two-leggers" which he is bigoted against (somehow not affected by the fact that shadowgotens themselves run around his court on two legs).


Mermaids themselves have also evolved beyond the need to swim and can instead fly, and large starships have been built to begin Mertopia's expansion into space.

Computers, which apparently become irrelevant to some degree in the relatively near future, also revert to become relevant again in the dystopian mermaid future, where the invalidation of pizza coupons is done entirely by computer.

A character presently in development (currently named "Kreskrendtregk") may or may not have a role in helping to erase this future entirely.

His element is Shadow, though originally Water; he maintains use of Water abilities beneath a Shadow focus. The tale of how this transition came to be is further detailed in "A Beautiful Biography: Lore of the Lemmy".

Skills and Talents: A skilled Water master at the time of his original reign, Water has now been layered upon by Shadow as the primary element.

CHEW (formerly SERF), where a mob of shadowgotens ride black tides in pursuit of chewy chewiness.

IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR, a purple merbeam fired from the Trident of Sorrows that can have varying effects ranging from magical to destructive.

SHADOWPOOL, a black water that whirlpools victims into severe despair. It can also be used for teleporting, and often brings people to a shadowgoten for chewing.

In addition to being a skill, these pools also occur naturally in the dystopian future where Shadow influences tend to run rampant.

LAST PAGE OF THE TERRI-BIBLE, a spell taken from the original text that is so incomprehensible that we're not sure if it utilizes actual magic or merely renders confusion through pure misspellings.

General abilities include swimming and the heavy tail strike, the latter comparable to being kicked by a mule. Specialized abilities tend to revolve around Shadow Water powers and anything that can be taught to the shadowgotens.

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: The Trident of Sorrows, an ancient staff that was corrupted by his studies of Shadow. It fires a purple merbeam (see above) and also dictates control of the waters.

The Trident can be stolen, thereby reducing Lemmy's powers, but it doesn't recognize any other authority, rendering he and the shadowgotens immune.

Weaknesses: Physically weak to Light and light-based powers. Also weak to actual light, having outfitted his residence with those weak-ass energy saver bulbs and become sensitive to the power of true wattage.

Mentally weak with regard to the shadowgotens. These chewing children of Shadow are his great joy. Injuring a shadowgoten will start a war, but capturing one (though difficult to do and dangerous to keep) might prompt a subsequent surrender.

Lemmy's shadowy children. He is very fond and protective of them, and a threat against even a single shadowgoten may as well be an open declaration of war against all Mertopia.
If you asked SG2, she would tell you they are friends. Lemmy, however, remembers a more violent sort of relationship. Even so, the tiger means well. Supposedly.
Another frequent tormentor of Lemmy's, the Kaiser was not shy about draining his blood in large quantities for storage to drink later, for his Beautiful Merblood is among the most delicious bloods of all.