There are two things I never forget: my headband, and how gay I am.LG
Played By: LG

Race: Gaylian

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Element: Light

Residence: The Peeninsula

Alignment: Low Law

Occupation: Teacher at IGNO University; Host of The Tingle Hour radio show; Host of LG's Jacuzzi TV show; published self-help book author; co-owner of Peach Out Homeslices; lead singer of The Straight Experience

Height: 5'10'' | 177.8 cm

Weight: 180 lbs | 81.64 kg

Figure/Build: Moderately built and always training so he may bulk up more in the future

Hair: Spiky brown hair with red tips

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Light

LG has an earring in his right ear. He appears to be about 20 years old by Earth standards but has been alive for a very long time. In Gaylian culture he would also be considered an adult and young man. He is almost never seen without his signature headband on.

Favorite Color: Blue

General Temperament: LG is laid back and up tight at the same time. He takes life seriously but likes to have a good laugh. Usually tries to be peaceful to most, unless you are a ghost buster hunter - then you’re going in his acid. Though he runs a martial arts doji and is always training his body and mind, he is usually reluctant to get into a fight. If he deems a fight worthwhile it would only be because his friends are in harm, so generally he tries to avoid places where people fight for no reason.

Personality: LG likes to tease and joke a lot but he really cares a lot about his friends. 

LG is a bit of a workaholic. He's the DJ of his own Radio Show (where he goes by DJ Jizzy LG), host of TV talk show, lead member of the hottest boyband in IGNOLand, a published author, co-owner of a pizzeria, professor at IGNO University (he teaches different courses at middle, high and college levels), and even runs a dojo to train people of the Light element in his Lighthouse. If this wasn't enough he even finds ways to work odd jobs if he winds up with a lot of spare time on his hands. For some reason LG feels that if he's not always contributing in some way his life is just not fulfilling, which is perhaps a natural effect of his Light element.

While LG is a hard worker, he doesn’t take his duty of running The Peeninsula seriously. In fact he doesn't consider this to be 'his country' and acts instead as an ambassador while his grandma runs the day to day. He would prefer to be working on something he considers worthwhile, and what he thinks is worthwhile he will put his whole heart into.

LG has a strong pride when it comes to the customs of his home planet. Though he has his own issues with the elders who raised him and sent him to Earth, Gaylia was still the homeworld where he grew up and he likes to honor many of its old traditions. You could say that while he considers Earth to be his home now and has largely cut ties with Gaylia, he will always consider himself to be a proud Gaylian and honor his people.

About his name: In Gaylian his name "Litl'Gatan" means "future hero" and was given to him because of his destiny along with his Light element. Upon coming to Earth, where the language spoken has little in common with the Gaylian tongue, Litl'Gatan's name has taken many changes. Originally he was called "LittleGoten" by his IGNOite friends who could not pronounce his name correctly. In time that was made into "LittleGayten", then eventually just shortened to "LG" to keep things simple, which is what he mostly goes by now. Just don't call him "Leg", whatever you do...

LG is from a distant planet called Gaylia, which is populated entirely by men. When he was born with the blessed Light element he was seen as a destined hero, and given the name of 'Litl'Gatan' as a result of this. The council of Gaylian elders took him from his parents and raised him in seclusion to train him as a legendary hero, and the closest thing he ever had to a father figure was the Great Gayfather. When Litl'Gatan came of age he was told the story of an evil witch of the Shadow element. Known only as 'The Dark Queen', she was the only 'female' Gaylia had ever known, and it was Litl'Gatan's destiny to destroy her. Litl'Gatan didn't understand what this witch had done wrong, but if his elders said she was evil and it was his destiny to destroy her, then they must have been right.

As he became a young man Litl'Gatan fell in love with a knight named Comet who was tasked with protecting him and his order. Litl'Gatan had been raised in captivity for his whole life so this knight was one of the few people he had ever met besides the council of elders that raised him, and as they were similar in age they soon fell in love. However, this was forbidden for the hero, and the elders could not allow his emotions to interfere with his sacred destiny.

Thus, at 15 Gaylian years of age, Litl'Gatan was given a 'special training mission'. He was bestowed his Gayblade - a powerful sword passed down among Gaylia's heroes - by his Great Gayfather, then sent away to a distant planet called Earth, where he landed in IGNOLand. However, his rocket burned up on entry, and technology on this planet was not sufficiently advanced enough to build a new one capable of the journey back. Perhaps stranding him here was the elders' intention all along, though Litl'Gatan would not begin to suspect this for many years.

Note: the specifics as to how LG meets his grandma and is taken in by her are still yet to be established.

At some point after arriving on Earth, Litl'Gatan met an old woman who took him in and looked after him like a grandson. Though this woman only looked to be in her 50's at most, there was a sense about her, and a certain glint in her eye, that made Litl'Gatan feel that she was far older than this...and that she would live to be even older still. She began to call him 'LG' for short, claiming that she was old and senile and couldn't remember his true name. Meanwhile he came to call this woman 'grandma', and though they often fight they both care about each other very much. LG doesn't know of her reasons for looking after him, but to LG, she is the closest he had to a parental authority figure since his Gayfather. LG felt he needed this guidance in his new life.

Eventually they sought out a place to live with a strong connection to the sun, an essential fuel for a Light user like LG. They wound up settling inside an abandoned lighthouse on a peninsula overlooking the sea, adjacent to the desert - this would be the ideal location for LG to train his Light powers. Before long a small nation was built up around them, known today as The Peeninsula. Though LG is in charge of the Lighthouse and foreign relations he lets his grandma handle much of the work, acting as a sort of figurehead to the people. In reality however the Peeninsula's government is democratic.

In his many years in IGNOLand LG came to build a new life for himself, and find new friends as well. He had a brief stint being a whore (his grandma was a bad influence) but has now put this life behind him. During one of his adventures with his friends LG was able to finally acquire all the materials he needed to repair his rocket for a return trip to Gaylia. Finally, LG had a means to return to his home planet after countless Earth-years of being away. And so, bidding his new friends and grandma a sad goodbye, LG boarded his rocket and set his course back home.

Once on Gaylia LG was eager to reunite with both Comet and his Great Gayfather...and was crushed to find that neither could be there to greet him. He was informed that his Great Gayfather had 'passed away of natural causes' during his time away...but how could this be? Gaylians lived a very long time naturally, and even as an older man his Gayfather was very healthy and still fit enough to train martial arts before he left. Furthermore all records of Comet had been completely erased - it was like he never even existed. It was now that LG began to suspect the elders of trying to control his life by removing all outside influences and drive him to carry out their goals...perhaps this 'Dark Queen' wasn't even as bad as they had made her sound. LG was certain that the elders had killed his Gayfather for becoming too personally invested in LG, and not just a mentor to 'the hero'. As for Comet, he wanted to believe he was still alive and imprisoned somewhere - that they wouldn't kill him so long as they could use him as leverage to control LG further - but he would need proof. And in order to get that proof he had to become strong enough to confront the council of elders head-on...

For the time being, LG returned to Earth, and back to his daily life in IGNOLand. On the surface he acts as though nothing happened during his return to his planet at all. But inside, LG is just biding his time until he's strong enough - physically and mentally - to return to Gaylia once more.

Recent Events: Christmas 2016
LG joined his friends in saving Christmas from the corrupt Santa Claus. His team journeyed to the Nordlands to explore an ancient tomb before aiding in the final battle.

Skills: [the info originally here was basically the same as the Weapon/Combat Power section, and should be replaced with some of LG's non-combat abilities and talents. --SG2]

Weaknesses: LG, being a warrior of Light, is not nearly as strong during the night. At night his strength matches the amount of the moon that is showing (so if it is a full moon he has equal the amount of strength that he does during the day, but if it is a new moon he has none of his usual power). He lives in a lighthouse near the desert so he can always feel near to the sun and keep himself energized, but if he's somewhere dark for a long time he will be almost debuffed and unable to fight at his full power.

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: LG wields the Gayblade, a legendary blade passed down to Gaylia's heroes throughout history that channels the wielder's Light element for powerful attacks, especially against Shadow users. His most powerful attack is Gay Judgment, performed like a Skyward Strike from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Only LG, a Light user with Gaylian blood, seems to be able to use this sword to its full abilities. Oddly enough he's also not nearly as good with other swords, though he's competent enough to teach basic swordsmanship.

LG is also proficient in using his element even without his sword. A popular move of his is the Light Wave, where he concentrates his Light energy in his palms and unleashes it in a beam. LG's Gayfather also taught him some Gaylian magic which has various uses, but is mostly utility and support stuff.

LG also seems to be able to 'summon' the Walls, a race of underground-dwelling creatures that look like living walls. It seems they are friends of his and aren't summoned to do his bidding, but come when he calls on them as a favor of their own will. He uses them not to defend him in combat so much as to block people's passage for various reasons.

LG and SG2 tend to hang out together a lot. They both co-own Peach Out Homeslices (though LG is mostly behind-the-scenes) and SG2 formerly worked with him on his morning radio show before the format got rebranded as The Tingle Hour. Mostly they can be found wasting time away hanging in the lounge of IRC Studios, usually watching Black in the Closet reruns on TV or spying on Azaran and Ten. Together they are IGNOLand's 'mean girls' and are always quick to make snappy sarcastic comments to insult others (especially xL), and then high five each other in congratulation.