Wut Ever I Dont Need U Loosers...Fak U!!Tru
Played By: LG / Esjitu

Race: Human

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Residence: IGNO City

Alignment: Low Chaos

Occupation: Student

Height: 5'4'' | 163 cm

Weight: 147 lbs | 66.7 kg

Figure/Build: Athletic and somewhat muscular for his age, though he is still growing and his body may yet change.

Hair: Purple and a bit messy yet neat, sometimes with an ahoge he can't comb down. A year ago it was shorter and much spikier.

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Light with a slight tan

Tru sometimes wears a 'scanner' device on his face.

Since he is young and still going through puberty, Tru's appearance may still change.

He most often wears clothing with bright neon colors, especially lime green.

Personality: Angry and sassy. Tru has felt all his life that he was unloved after growing up in an orphanage, especially after he lost his brother Ten. This causes him to act out to get attention both positive and negative, and feelings besides anger are hard for him to express. He generally has an upbeat and sarcastic personality that has made him popular at school, but he's the type who tends to fake a smile or hide behind jokes to avoid showing his real feelings.

Tru is still growing and learning about sexuality, and is a bit conflicted with it. More likely than not he is gay, but he is in denial about being what he refers to as a 'geyfaec' (translation: 'gayface'). While homosexuality is not unusual or stigmatized in IGNOLand, Tru feels like he is different when most of his friends like girls, so he remains in denial about this part of him.

Unlike his brother Ten, Tru's Stile Of Tiping Liek This is not a reflection of an actual speech impediment, and should be taken more as a brash kid who talks like hot shit when they're actually pretty ignorant. He spits out words without thinking and probably has his fair share of mispronounced vocabulary as well. More obviously this is how Tru types on the internet, and very likely even on written homework and the like, since he doesn't care very much about academics.

Tru is currently most known for his unconventional 'business practices' at school as a means of earning both money and attention.

Tru and his brother Ten were both born as inside jokes who developed personalities (and names) later on - they were not originally meant to be proper characters. It started with a young (11-12 year old) Bradios' obnoxious weeaboo persona on the old Dragonball forum where we first met, which LG decided to parody a few years later. LG created the persona 'UTTF4L' (UltimateTrutenFan4Life) based on Brad's old username and used it to write deliberately bad DBZ fanfiction. This then evolved into in-jokes in IRC where LG and I would sign in as these 'characters' and interact like nOObs using the internet for the first time. Both were even given their own TekTek avatars as shameful ripoffs of Bradios' character design, with slightly different hair colors and styles and even wearing 'scouters' on their faces.

Only later did we decide that we made use of these joke personas frequently enough that they, at least, deserved names. The names 'Tru' and 'Ten' were in fact derived from TRUnks and goTEN from Dragonball Z, in homage to their origins. We determined that their similar appearances and behaviour was a result of being twins, and everything else followed from there. Since LG originally played UTTF4L as an uppity little brat (a common type of 'kid on the internet'), this trait stuck him even after he was named - so while his brother has evolved into a decently-rounded character, Tru has more or less remained an insufferable brat true to his origins.

Tru grew up in an orphanage with his twin brother, Ten, when they were too young to remember their birth parents. When the boys were the age of 7, Ten was taken by a foster family, leaving Tru behind. This left Tru with a complex and severe trust issues, believing that Ten chose to abandon him and get adopted himself while leaving Tru behind to suffer. Even now that Tru has a good life with two loving mothers in IGNO City he has remained an angry and bitter person ever since. He loosens up at school when hanging around 'friends' and being one of the popular jock types because it helps him blow off steam and get attention, but truthfully he doesn't have anyone he could call a true friend. Despite his tendency to build walls around his heart and not let anyone in due to fear of betrayal, Tru still longs to be loved and told that he matters.

Tru also reunited with his brother years after their separation by a chance encounter in IGNO City. While they had been close before the separation and Tru was initially thrilled to see his brother again, this quickly cooled and turned to resentment on Tru's side. He realized that his brother was just another person who betrayed and abandoned him, so tensions between them both are usually high when they cross paths.

Tru was recently hanging around with Bradios a lot and training in his Fire element, but the two had a big fight and have ceased contact. Just another notch in Tru's belt of 'reasons not to trust people', which has caused his behaviour to worsen even more and start acting out in drastic ways to get attention...

Recent Events:

Skills:Tru is very athletic and enjoys physical activity, particularly soccer and football. While he may not be able to keep up with some of his Beast race classmates, Tru is quite strong and agile for a human his age. Since he is still growing it is no doubt that his physical abilities will only become greater with time as well. He has no aptitude for magic but he has begun training to control his Fire element more lately, and was even given a pair of special gauntlets by LG to help him channel his energy.
It's not known how, but he can somehow survive being dunked in acid. Perhaps he has built up a resistance to it after experiencing this so many times...

Weaknesses: As an ordinary human kid with no proper training Tru is considered weak compared to some of the IGNOites he hangs around with. Though he could be hurt or even killed in the sorts of battles that break out around him, he notably seems to have a quick recovery time and can be pretty resilient against physical attacks.

Tru has a quick temper and tends to lash out at people over the slightest things. An easy way to overwhelm him is to start an argument because he will only resort to weak ad hominem attacks and become increasingly frustrated when he can't win. Though he has finally been adopted by a loving family that spoils him, Tru has deep trust issues and doesn't like to get close to anyone. His heart can be said to be weak to loneliness.

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice:Tru has recently been given a gauntlet to amplify and help him use his fire powers. He fights in an all-out street type fashion and is very reckless, but somehow manages to avoid taking too much damage unlike most fire users. It's believed that his aptitude for sports has helped him hone some natural instincts in attacking and dodging that make him fit to be a natural fighter, if only he had a cause to fight for.