This page, and the rest of the Bestiary section, is still a WIP. In the future I plan to expand this page with more information along the lines of the Element Guide, with multiple sections and a table of contents for navigation (to explain things such as sapient vs. non-sapient races, or the entry on lycanthropy). For the time being I wanted to get the basics down so the information could still be referenced.
The Races of IGNOLand

IGNOLand is a mysterious place with a higher concentration of magical energy than anywhere else in the world. As such, there are countless races inhabiting this land - from the commonplace and well-known, to the more unusual and less-understood ones. There are doubtless even more races out there that have yet to be properly documented and categorized as well.

For better understanding, the races known to IGNOLand have been sorted into fifteen categories based on their common characteristics.

Note to new players: our world is build by our users, and as such, new races and types of creatures are no different. While we already have a large variety of playable races to choose from, it is far from - and likely will never be - complete. Don't be afraid to use your own imagination to come up with new races or creatures that you feel might inhabit our world!! More likely than not the fifteen categories should cover almost anything you can come up with.
Playable Races

While many of the races established here are free to use for your own characters, be aware that there are some that will not be permitted as 'playable' barring extremely compelling exceptions. This is usually due to some characteristic of the race that makes them a poor fit for roleplaying, such as the inability to grow and change (ex. zombies and other lesser Undead), having their own very-specific agendas (ex. most Aethrals), or simply not being considered sapient (ex. most Monster races). However, the bestiary is meant to catalogue all types of creatures that exist in IGNOLand, so there must naturally be entries on these beings as well.

Note that 'playable' refers to the ability to make your main character for roleplaying belong to such a race. 'Non-playable' races and creatures may of course still be used in roleplay as foes or NPCs, meaning someone naturally still has to 'play' them.

Non-playable races will always have this clearly stated on the race's page, so if it is not specified, assume the race is 'playable'.

Racial Categories

Choose a race type below to go to its individual page for a list of races that fall under that category.