Formal Hellhound

Sir Formal Hellhound, Overseer of Formal Hell.
This character profile is a work in progress.

Played By: Atlas

Race: Hellhound

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Element: Shadow Fire

Residence: Formal Hell

Alignment: Neutral Balance

Occupation: Guardian and Overseer of Formal Hell

Formal Hellhound is a large and muscular anthropomorphic wolf-like creature with fiery red fur. His eyes glow like red-orange flame and he has an almost perpetual flaming aura around his body. Being that Formal Hell is very formal and fancy, he is always dressed impeccably, and is never seen without his tophat, monocle and cane.
Formal Hellhound watches over Formal Hell, one of the many Hells of the Underworld. Only those who were extremely fancy in life are allowed to enter Formal Hell. Formal Hell is an extremely well-to-do and sophisticated place which Formal Hellhound governs with an iron cane.

Since Formal Hell has very high standards and thus less traffic than many other Hells, Formal Hellhound tends to have a lot of free time on his hands. When he's not working he enjoys playing tennis, ghost hunting, and filming his own ghost hunting television show on IGNOLand Public Access Television.

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Fire and Shadow powers. Also has an iron cane that he can presumably whack people with when they get out of line.