IGNOLand as a community has been around for a long time. In that time, we have moved around a lot between several different forum hosts, as well as carried out discussions across various other chat platforms, such as IRC. 

This section aims to collect records of our history together in one location for easy access. Old topics and RPs are copied to WordPress pages by hand, with careful effort to retain the formatting and general feel of the originals, without the clutter of avatars, signatures and pagination.

(note to self: I'd like to separate the forum topic transcripts from the cbox/irc/discord logs which should get their own subsection for 'chat logs'. The 'other chats' page as it is now can still house the miscellaneous bits like Facebook and groupdraw. I'm not sure yet how exactly I want to organize this section in general, if I want to make cbox/irc/discord all have their own categories like invisionfree/zetaboards/jcink have in the forum section, or to just give them all their own pages with the dropdown spoiler style, or what...will worry about that when the time comes.)