Character Profile Sheet

Also known as your 'application', 'character sheet', and a variety of other terms used inconsistently from community to community, your Character Profile is where you'll describe your character, their life, and all other such relevant information. Simply fill out the form below and submit (please tag the @staff role in Discord once you have done so as well, to get their attention).

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU FILL THE PROFILE OUT IN A WORD PROCESSOR FIRST!! Once submitted, you cannot edit the form, and that information will be lost to you until a staff member approves your profile. Please save yourself unnecessary grief by making your own hard copy before submitting the form!!

IGNOLand is a pretty open community - there's no strict pass/fail system here, no queue, no limited slots. As long as you don't go super crazy or break any rules (like blatantly plagiarizing an existing character or creating some sort of unstoppable godlike being), chances are you will be accepted. Your profile will, however, be subject to the review of staff members before being given the OK to start roleplaying. If there are any issues requiring revision, you will be contacted via DM (please ensure you have DMs from server members ENABLED in your Discord privacy settings).

Character Application Form

Character Application Form

Fill out the information below and it will be submitted to the staff members for review.

Full name, not nickname. Last names optional, but please include if they have one.
Please list your Discord USERNAME (not nickname) here. Do NOT include the four-digit number code - we have no desire to violate your privacy.
Optional. A place to put a short description, quote, lyric or whatever that is relevant to your character.
Please refer to the Bestiary to learn more about how we classify races in IGNOLand before choosing your character's race.
Your character's ACTUAL age. If they look older/younger for whatever reason, note this in the APPEARANCE section.
Gender your character identifies as. If they've a particular pronoun preference or anything else, note this in the CHARACTER section.
Element your character was born with. Be sure you have read the Element Guide before deciding this.
Area in which your character lives currently. If they were born and/or raised elsewhere, note this in the HISTORY section.
Optional. If your character has a job or career of any kind, include it here and elaborate in the HISTORY section.
Describe what your character looks like here. You should cover the basic stuff like their general height/weight/build, hairstyle and color, what their eyes are like. Does their physical appearance belay their chronological age? Describe the color and texture of their skin, whether they have scars or tattoos, fur or wings or horns or claws or anything of that nature. What sort of outfit do they usually wear, and what's their general fashion sense? If they shapeshift, be sure to describe their other forms as well!! While this section is freeform, do try to provide detail if you can - especially if you don't have a solid image of your character design.
Personality, quirks, and other assorted 'about me' information. Essentially, what's your character like? Their general mood and temperament? Do they behave differently around some people, or some types of people, than they do around others? What do they like to do for hobbies, what do they hate? Do they have a job or career, or have they in the past? Other aspects of their overall identity go here too - gender and sexuality, whether they are or are not seeking romance, what their 'type' is, things of that nature. Include everything you feel may be relevant for others to know about them.
What has this character's life been like so far? How was their childhood? What's it like where they live, and what have they accomplished there? Have they moved around a lot? Do they have a family or significant other? Have they been involved in any particular conflicts? Describe anything and everything significant that's happened to your character before the 'present' time. Even if you prefer short and sweet over long and detailed, this section should most likely be your most informative.
What is your character good at? Do they have any particular vocational skillsets? How do they employ their element? Do they favor the Arcane or Mundane abilities? Do they use it for combat purposes, or prefer to find uses for it in everyday life? Maybe they ignore their element altogether, aside from reading the occasional horoscope. Do they have non-elemental techniques in their repertoire? Do they prefer to use weapons in combat instead of elemental ability? Melee, or firearms? Maybe they prefer to stay out of trouble - what do they do if trouble finds them? How do they defend themselves? Nobody's perfect - what are their WEAKNESSES? Any particular Achilles Heel aside from the usual elemental weakness? Maybe they have additional strengths and weaknesses due to their race - ex. an undead character of any element is still weak to fire, but since they can't drown, they have a bit of a water immunity (please be sure to read the Bestiary if you're unsure).