Welcome to IGNOpedia.

What Is IGNOLand?

We are a very casual sandbox-style roleplaying community set in a fictional modern fantasy world. Our emphasis is on a laid back style of play, with great freedom allowed in the character creation process, no wordcount, and your choice between turn-based plot-driven RPs and more spontaneous 'in-character chat' interaction. We have a solid amount of worldbuilding behind us, but there is very little (if any) required reading - this means you are largely free to dive right into the madness as soon as you've finished creating your character, without having to get bogged down in lengthy history lessons about our world. However, for those lore buffs who DO want those hot details, we've got you covered.

Once upon a time we were a general chat forum community which gradually evolved to the point that we found ourselves with a robust array of fictional characters and a wacky world built around them. We've decided to relocate our central hub of activity to Discord, believing it to be a more modern and accessible platform to meet our needs, as forums begin to fall out of vogue in the greater online world. And with the help of our in-house Discord bot, we hope that you will be able to find the features you have come to expect from a modern online community.

About IGNOpedia

Though this site is made with WordPress, it would be best to consider it along the lines of a wiki in the sense that you should be able to look up whatever you wish to know about IGNOLand, with content being regularly added and updated. It is not, however, a wiki in the anyone-can-edit sense - it is maintained by the small team of IGNOLand staff members, so you can be confident that most of the information contained here is accurate.

IGNOpedia is very much a work in progress, so please bear with the lack of content and organization for the time being.